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I've had VPI for 7 years for my dogs Bailey (golden retriever, 9) and Tilly (Boston Terrier, 6) both wonderful and successful adoptions. Then we adopted Wile E., a two year old Belgian Malinois named for the disaster prone coyote... we didn't know he'd behave so similar to his name sake! When we adopted him he had bladder infections due to his neglect and abuse (tied up no food or water, skeletal)so we thought... this dog is going to need insurance. Sure enough. We're friends with the vet so she helped us through that (he was still a foster technically). Later he developed skin rashes from unknown allergies that were immediately severely infected. That was our first claim. We got a great reimbursement quickly. Then Wile E. caught a ball at the same time as our golden... broken canine. The root canal was $1250, VPI sent us $1150! wow, that was great and such a relief. We could still pay rent! There have been a couple more skin infections (it takes 1 day seriously for this dog to get staph and bacterial infections when these things show up) more antibiotics. Then recently he did a flip twist flop in the air to catch a stick which resulted in a painful fall on rocks but he got up and acted like it was nothing. A week later his wrist was swollen. Nothing serious, but more antibiotics. Moral of the story. You may have VPI and never use it until one day you find yourself relying on it. I've made 2 minor claims in 7 years. This year has been quite different. But VPI never complain

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Skin problem


root canal, wrist injury
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Belgian Malinois

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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