They make it seem like they will cover things, when in fact, they don't.

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I bought this insurance because it seemed as though they would cover a wide variety of things. After purchasing a year's worth of insurance at once and filing a claim a bit afterwards, I had to wait for over a month to hear anything about my claims. My vet sent over my pet's records, and Pet's Best said they were waiting to receive it for a while, so I had to wait longer for it to get sent again or for it to go through, I don't even know what happened. Once I received a verdict, it turns out EVERYTHING was denied, including things that I was lead to believe would be covered, like wellness exams. Some things made sense, like certain supplements and what not, but everything? It appears that they don't cover anything at all unless things fall into place in an incredibly specific way, which is really unrealistic. Also, if your pet is over a certain age, you're doomed, this insurance is useless. I regret buying this insurance and don't recommend it to anyone.

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