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After searching through reviews, and pros and cons for several pet insurance options, we landed on Pets Best. Our kids had been begging for a pup for years and it was the only thing on the Christmas list complete with dog food, a dog bowl and a pooper scooper. We found ourselves at a cross way and (reluctantly) gave in. I’m typically not one that purchases additional services if there’s a chance they won’t likely be needed but I’ve heard too many stores of puppies needing surgeries for eating something they shouldn’t, so we intended to keep the insurance for one year. Everything was great until we took her in to be spayed, she came out like a different pup. She wouldn’t sit on her rear, didn’t have much energy, each day that went by was getting worse. We finally switched Drs and found out she was in kidney failure and wasn’t sure she was going to make it. The local vet tried to do 24/7 fluids to force her kidneys to flush the toxins but she barrel rolled and pulled out her IVs. Since they weren’t staffed 24/7 and not able to trust her, I drove her 2.5 hours to the nearest emergency vet clinic. There she was diagnosed with Renal Dysplasia, we were told to put her on expensive food and she would need to have fluids frequently... as well as the fact that she will likely have a much much shorter life. Pets Best had been phenomenal in reimbursing every single claim I’ve put through, in the past six months since being diagnosed we’re close to or have exceeded five thousand in claims. They have reimbursed for every single one. They would have even paid for a kidney transplant (pre-approved), however that wasn’t an option in our case. I truly can’t say enough good things about Pets Best.

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