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When we took our ten year old greyhound in,they did all they could to sign us up for the membership. Of course the seperate membership fee of 69.95 was new to me. We had to pay that before seeing anyone. She had pain from arthritis, and I knew she needed teeth cleaning and extractions. The vet felt a small cyst on her neck when she took her into the exam room, and the first thing out of her mouth was," you know you will have to pay the membership fee for a year, even if your dog doesn't make it". Wow, I should have paid the exam fee and left then. It took them all day to do blood work and a chest xray. We took her back for the cleaning and extractions and was told to be there by 9:00am. She was not even seen until 1:00pm and the surgery wasn't started until 2:30pm. At that point I was called and told that my dog needed not three, but six extractions. They over book, most of the staff acts like you are annoying them when you ask too many questions about pricing, and they just keep racking up the cost. I should have taken her to the greyhound rescue to be worked on. Never,never take your dog to this vet.

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