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I have Over $9000 out in Claims with you,I called this morning and was hung up on by a gentleman. If I was truly disconnected he would’ve called me back that was the right thing to do.I called back and spoke with Adam Altman.Adam went above and beyond to look into my claimsSending messages to the supervisors to re-take a look at a claim that they’re trying not to pay even though the test results show lab work stating it’s not a pre-existing condition.You need more people to work for years that are a lot like Adam that will look into things and go above and beyond to help people who pay big money to your company to take care of them.Adam is friendly helpful and to be honest I don’t know what I would’ve done if he didn’t look into things and let me know where I’m at.I appreciate Adam kindness going above and beyond Adam gets a 10 star in my book.He did write note for the supervisor to leave visit the claims that they denied I have proof that this is not pre-existing condition.

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