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We adopted our dog at 18months, she was a mess as she wasn't treated kindly by the original pet owners. We went for years and only needed to submit a claim 3 times for minor cuts. I felt that they were reasonably prices and the annual premium increase was minimal and worth the potentials of what we would need it for. Recently our almost 7 year old, active and healthy seeming dog started changing. We experienced what felt like a nightmare when this past month we took her in for what we thought was digestion issues only to discover that she had an enlarged heart with arythmias that needed to be looked into further. While we waited she took a turn for the worst and was sent to the ER vet (PRICEY!) to see a cardiologist and was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and put on a multitude of medications and strict follow up regimen. The easiest part of this whole experience has been working with out insurance. They reimbursed us for 90% of our covered bills and medications to help make what we assume will be her last year of life a comfortable one (the things they don't cover is minimal and very transparent)! We probably submitted close to 10 claims this past month and there hasn't been a single one that we needed to negotiate coverage for not to mention each invoice was direct deposited into our bank account in less than 5 days! Healthy paws has has amazing customer service, efficient billing, reasonable pricing, and has been well worth the affordable monthly premium. If it wasn't for our insurance we wouldn't have been able to provide the care for her that she needed, especially in this financial climate of being a small business owner in the midst of Covid19.

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