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Our Golden, Lily came from excellent breeders. We purchased insurance when she was eight weeks old. Several months later she developed severe allergies to her skin and her eyes, our veterinarian, Dr. Michelle Falzone at VCA Animal Hospital was extremely thorough with her care, completing allergy testing. She tried several different medications, special foods,special shampoos, and even allergy shots to no avail. After much care and sincere interest in Lily, Dr. Falzone could do no more and refered us to go to Cornell, where she was diagnosed with a very severe case of Ichthyiosis and Atopy. The only help for Lily was steroids, which of course can cause several longterm side effects. Her medication and care became extremely costly. The side effects were causing issues for her so the doctors tried her on Atopica, which is working very well for her. Unfortunately, shortly after being off the Prednisone she began limping upon arisal. We took her to Dr. Falzone who once again with her great expertise, did X-Rays and found Lily had Hip Displasia at age 2 1/2m and the symtoms were being masked by the steriods, which she is now off. She is now being treated for Hip Displasia. When she goes for walks she also limps if she goes for too long. And once again PetPlan has came to our rescue and helped with the medication for this condition and X-Rays also. We do have to pay a deductable but it is well worth all of the medical bills we would have to pay if we didn't have PetPlan. I can't say

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Skin problem

Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Golden Retriever

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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