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I decided to get pet insurance after adopting my dog Tripp from a shelter last year. My previous dog had died from lung cancer which cost me thousands of dollars out of pocket. I did an internet search for pet insurance companies and compared plans and rates before deciding to go with ASPCA Health Insurance in June 2009. In May 2010, Tripp was bitten by a poisonous snake and required medical treatment including an overnight stay at an emergency animal hospital. After meeting the $100 deductible, ASCPA Pet Health Insurance reimbursed me 80%. Having the insurance saved me hundreds of dollars and gave me peace of mind. I've already saved more than I paid in premiums for a year.

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Snake bite
Claim Amount
$500 - $1000

Jack Russell Terrier

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 05/01/2012

What a coincidence, I to was waiting and waiting for my reimbursement then they finally wrote me and said they were waiting for my vets to send them records. Then it took another 3 wks and then they wrote me again and said they are still waiting for the vets to fax the records so I wait some more and then another 3 wks go by and then they ask me to call my vets and have them send the records!! I was a bit disappointed that I didn't receive a larger reimbursement but I was so fed up with waiting that I accepted what ever they send me, I was just glad the waiting game was over!!!

Posted: 07/19/2012

The last cat I had became sick with various ailments due to old age so I had quite a bit of out of pocket expenses. Now that I have 3 cats I decided I needed pet insurance. All my cats are still pretty young so my experience with ASPCA is limited but the process has been pretty quick. I do wish they covered more of what they qualify as "reasonable costs" especially in the SF bay area because everything here is so expensive. Shouldn't the premium we pay adjust to the region's definition of "reasonable costs?"

Posted: 02/24/2011

I have never received 80% reimbursement from ASPCA. I have been paying the premiums for over 3 years now. Every singe incident I have only been reimbursed up to 60%. They always state the reason "reasonable costs," which is ridiculous considering all of the vets I have seen charge comparable rates in my region. ASPCA has not honored the "80% reimbursment" they claim to pay.

Posted: 09/12/2011

I agree with Betsy. I purchased the most expensive policy with Aspca, which is supposed to cover 80% and provide certain benefits. First, it took forever to get any of my claims paid- they kept insisting they never received my records (which I emailed, faxed and mailed as well as my vet) and they continued to say that they were "contacting my vet for records." Then after a bunch of telephone calls and emails, they paid only 60%, saying that the customary costs for my area were much lower. When I asked to see a list of what they believed the customary costs for my region was- and which vets I could find these "extremely low costs" they said they couldn't give me this information. This is a scam.

Posted: 11/19/2011

I completely agree. I had the ASPCA plan for three years before I even submitted a single claim for my cat. I was shocked when I received the reimbursement and they "disallowed" so much. I recently had a $512 claim and they covered $299, which was about 58%. With the rising premiums, annual deductible, and their "allowed charges," I wonder if I wouldn't be just as well off having no coverage and paying out of pocket. But then I get scared that there will be a catastrophic event and I will regret cancelling. I am definitely shopping for another pet insurer.

Posted: 12/13/2011

THIS IS A SCAM!Completely agree with the above three reviewers. I have three cats and pay level 4 insurance for them. Just recently submitted a claims of ($400.00) for my 1yo cat for neutering. After all the "disallowed" item ie blood test, and annual deductible I got $66.00 back. Ridiculous!

I too ask them to give me a list of "vets that charge these customary cost for my area in SF" and was told that they couldn't give me this info. WHY NOT!

Will definitely shop for another pet insurer.

Posted: 01/27/2013

I lost my Ginger (17) and Bentely (13) beagles to cancer. I have always paid out of my own pocket for my pets and I would have to say that as they age, it seems the vets add more procedures and mediction. Just as we age, some of us will have more needs and meds that another. It seems that at age 10 is when most of the problems start if kept healthy up to that point.
I just rescued Riley another beagle who is approximately 2 years of age. I decided that as I am growing older, I wanted to have protection of out of pocket and catastropic vet bills. My only experience so far with ASPCA insurance is the wellness coverage that paid as advertised. I was not 100% covered but had about $189 out of $265 paid.

I am sure that if I keep this policy on Riley, the premiums will increase and was told at his age 10 the premium will jump by 45% at that time. I hope I can continue to pay the premiums and certainly hope it pays as advertised. There seems to be some concern about preexisting coverage from claims made the previous year. If a condition in your dog is diagnosed, then I doubt this coverage will cover anything in subsequest policy years for the treatment of that condition. At that point, you maybe paying premiums for only new conditions.

Posted: 02/11/2013

wow, I am looking for insurance, just spoke to aspca, quite a difference from what they say. Said pay 90% and consider the area lived in! I will have to do some more checking!! Said nothing about non covered items. Made it sound like they cover all as long as listed on policy? Thanks alot

Posted: 04/24/2014

We had VPI for about 6 months - terrible. So we went without insurance on our dig for years. But about 6 years ago, we rescued a dog from the street, and with our blue heeler, Andy, turning 10, and now this new dog, Jack, we thought we'd try Hartford.
Less than 3 months after insuring the dogs at Level 1, Andy had a near-death experience. He had some sort of intestinal blockage, and ended up in the hospital for 5 days. Finally, he passed what looked like a small avocado pit. But it did a lot of damage. The bill was over $4000.

Thank God, the plan covered him for $1500, the maximum per incident at that time. Yeah, it left me with $2500 to pay, but that's hella better than $4000. He was covered to 80% on his follow ups, too. We got reimbursed quickly and with no problems.

Over the next couple years, Andy had several injuries, one requiring minor surgery, and various illnesses related to his age. We were reimbursed within 30 days on each - and some were quite pricey.

Last year, we finally had to say goodbye to out Andyboy, at age 15 and a half. His last bill was almost $1300. We received or payment, again with little trouble, but more than that, someone actually called me.

She said, "My name is Cherie. I was reviewing your claim and I just wanted to call to let you know how sorry I am about Andy." I thanked her and we chatted a few minutes, and she asked me how Jack, or other dog, was doing (rough -he grieved as much as we did, I think). That was all. She just wanted to offer her sympathies.

I've never had an insurance call me to console about anything except money. I was impressed and I really appreciated it.

A few months later, we adopted a young rescue, a toy fox terrier. I insured her immediately. Hartford offered me a continuing care plan for just a couple extra dollars a month, and said Jack would be eligible for the same when his coverage renewed. I just spoke with them and added this coverage since Jack will be 9 on January, and medical expenses for dogs and people tend to go up as we age.

I consider this coverage essential. When we take a dog, it's a big commitment. For the few extra dollars a month I spend, it's peace of mind that's well worth the money.

And check this out: while we were talking, the agent ran the numbers. For Andy, from the time was first covered, our premiums and all other, non reimbursed medical expenses came to about $2800. In that time, what WAS covered and paid back to us was about $2700.

That means that without that insurance, we'd have come out of pocket over $5000. With it, I only paid half that. It may seem sometimes like you're not using it, or paying for nothing, but when you're in middle of illness or injury, knowing it's there can literally mean the difference between "Let's try," and "put him to sleep."

I know which I'd rather do for Jack or Sophie.