Taxi thanks you that she is alive.

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Taxi is a 3 lb. Chihuahua. Very unique and lovely personality. She alway sleeps nestled between my neck and shoulder. I treasure her warm feeling. Every morning I wake up and tell her how lucky I am and how did nature create such a beautiful canine? THis particular morning I felt a warmer than normal sensation.I woke up to discover a pool of blood. She was hemorrhaging. She was confused. You can only lose so much blood when you are 3 lbs. She was rushed to her Doctor. Examined, hospitalized, given pain medicine and fluids for dehydration. She was in stable condition by the end of the day. She had to return several consecutive days for nutrition and fluids.
She is back to her normal tom-boy routine....chasing flies, geckos and playing ball. Without Pet Plan, this would not be affordable. Such a unique illness, Hemorrhagic Gastro-Enteritis. No known cause. Taxi and I could not be more grateful. AND our reimbursement check was sent very quickly.

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Age of Pet
1 - 8

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