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We have had PetPlan insurance for our now 4 year old English Setter and our 8year old Golden for 2 years. There have been moments over the last two years, where I have thought I sho9uld just cancel the accounts since we've never used them and they aren't "cheap". I will not ever think that again having had a reason to use their services.A month ago, our Golden became very sick. After $600 plus in just tests, we were no closer to knowing what was wrong with him. I called PetPlan who assured me they would cover everything except for dog food for this non-prexisting issue. I was spend so much money up front on blind faith that a company would "come through" was scary. Our next step was to be a $2,000 exploratory surgery. Fortunately, our dog perked up before we had to make that decision, so we submitted our $600 claim and crossed our fingers. I faxed it in and about 2 days later received an e-mail with my claim number. About 2 weeks later the claim was entirely processed and I had the check before our credit card statement was due! PetPlan is wonderful...the people I spoke to were so pleasant, concerned, and didn't seem to be reading me a script. The payment was fast and I didn't get any red tape from them at all. I have complete confidence that we will never be in a position of deciding what we can "front" for our dogs again.

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Claim Amount
$500 - $1000

Golden Retriever

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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