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I have a standard bull terrier named Capone. One morning I went to feed him and he was not eating. Didn't think much of it. I just thought he was not hungry until two hours later he threw up. It was some fluids that came up and some white stuff. I didn't want to be one of those people who over reacts at everything and take him to the vet every come something comes up. I deciced to wait til the next morning to see if he gets better. And he did not. I took him in and the vet gave me some gastric meds for Capone cause the vet was not sure what was wrong until I gave the ok for x-rays. Money was tight at the time and could not do something of the things that the vet wanted to do.
Gave the meds to Capone. A little improvement but not much. He would act the same but was still not eating and was still throwing up. I decicded to take him to another vet for a second opinion and he recommended that Itake him in to emergency. From emerg they did all these tests and found that he had a blockage in his little intestine and had to perform surgery. Aside from that they also had to take out a small 2cm section of his intestine. The bill alone for all the tests and surgery was easily over $4,000. If I hadn't sign up with Trupanion I would be in the hole 4g's. If the hospital billed Trupanion first instead of billing me I would have easily gave a 10 out of 10. Paper work and I don't get along lol. The whole pay first then submit your claim takes so long :) If the system were like a benefit

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