The best thing we ever did for our dogs.

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Hi,My husband & I are extreme animal lovers and have always had pets, we had never had insurance on our animals and in August 18th, 2007 we lost our beloved chow, Lumiere she was 15 years old and lived a long wonderful life but near the end she had some rough days and we saw how expensive vet bills were and how fast it could add up. We were devastated when we lost her and a little while later we got 2 more dogs one who was a full blooded American Eskimo Spitz whom we got from the SPCA and they didn't know if she was 5 or 7 and then we got a puppy that was a mix between a chow/lab. After having them a few months, I decided that I would check into insurance with them because where we live vet care is really expensive. We live in Hampton, Va. And I was not sure of our spitz age, I was sure she would need medical care before our puppy. So, I did my homework and chose Petplan and got the gold plan for both. It was absoultly the best decision, I ever made in my life. We had only had the insurance probably for 4 0r 5 months when our puppy(Brady) started having gran mal seizures. My husband is in the military and at the time was deployed to Afganistan, it was terrible, I was devstated and was afraid he was going to die. I rushed him to his vets and he has cluster seizures and has to have immediate valium suppositories of 64mg immediately after a seizure to stop them and he has spent a lot of time at emergency vets and being kept over night. And it breaks our heart every time he has

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