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When I first started looking into pet insurance I was very leery of the whole concept. I calculated the cost of raising a dog over an average life span and thought that perhaps the benefits of pet insurance might not outweightinsurance cost per lifetime of my pet. I am definitely one of those people that tend to think nothing would or could possibly happen to my pet, I'm responsible, he's a house dog, etc. After speaking with several old hadn pet owners (friends, my parents, friends of friends)I decided to bite the bullet. In less than a year it proved to be very helpful. My little 15 lb Ace got a cat tail stuck waaaay down his ear canal while bounding through a field with weeds twice as tall as he is. The removal cost me about $325, after submitting my claim, Trupanion reimbursed me 90% in 2 days!!! I was expecting a week. I am very pleased with the concept that they will reimburse for illness and injury and not for the cost of services you would normally incur. After all, if you didn't have it, it would cost you the same. Lastly, i want to mention that their customer service and responce time is really admirable. Typically, the online chat is friendly, quick and polite. All of my emailed inquiries were answered in a day.

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Ear Problem

Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Terrier Mix

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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