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My dog had a ligament tear in his knee, basically what the ACL is in a person. The vet told me there were two procedures: one that was cheaper, less effective and had a longer recovery time and one that was much more expensive called a TPLO, was much more effective and had a much faster recovery time.
Well, it seemed like a no brainer.. the basic operation was about 2000 and the TPLO was about 4000. He said depending on the pet insurance you have it might not be covered! I called PetPlan to ask if they covered the surgery and they said it was covered as long as it wasn't pre-existing (which it wasn't) and as long as I was a policy holder for at least six months (which I was). I would recommend them! Don't wait until the last minute to buy insurance, get it when they are young.. my premium was about 250 a year and I just got a check in the mail about a week after I filed my claim. Dexter is recovering well and I plan on filing continuing claims for his rehab and recovery and expect it be just as painless.

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Ligament Tear
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Golden Retriever

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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