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We had VPI for our two pugs. they both have some health issues and are in and out of the vet's office quite a bit. My older pug has colitis and that was a pre-exhisting condition, which was fine. She got sick with pancreatitis years later and was hospitalized for two weeks. As you can imagine the bill was quite large and I submitted a claim to VPI, they paid nothing. They said that the pancreatitis was caused by the colitis. i spoke with our vet about this and she even wrote a letter to VPI and called them, explaining that this is not the case, there is no known reason for this condition and one is completely unrelated to the other. In the end they still denied my claim and paid nothing. I have since dropped my older pug from their coverage plan. My younger pug has had a bit better luck, we have gotten same reimbursement for her but never more than 505 of the bill. I have been researching other healthare for my babies and will be enrolling them in another provider that actually cares for the well fare of my pets and their owners piece of mind!

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