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I have had VPI for 14 years, and have insured many pets. My wonderful dog, Boo Boo had cancer many years ago and we never would have been able to afford his treatment without VPI. His prognosis was not good (18 months with treatment) however, he made it another 4 years! Unfortunately he did end up passing away but I have to say his quality of life was the best he could have had because of his insurance. I had the superior plan with the cancer rider, and recently upgraded to the new plans VPI has provided for my present girl. I have never once had a problem with VPI, claims are easy to make and are paid within 2 weeks. I have compared the pricing with other insurance companies and no one can come close to the coverage VPI provides. Do not hesitate when you are interested in insuring your pets health with VPI they are great

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Ear Problem



Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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