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I used to use a different company for pet insurance - on that was well known and reputable. I didn't renew that insurance because it felt like I gave them an awful lot of money for nothing. Very little from my annual wellness visit was reimbursable, and failing an emergency, it felt like throwing money away. I did some more research and found Embrace. I was hesitant at first because in signing up, some of the paperwork made me wonder if I was basically giving my premium to a company that would leave me in the lurch. Well, there was absolutely no need to worry! I just took Kira to the vet. She got vaccinated and checked out, and I bought some Advantage. The entire bill was $295. I expected that I might see $80 - $100 back, so imagine my surprise when Embrace emailed me to let me know I was being reimbursed $200! That covered everything except the Advantage. The check arrived within the week. I was so impressed, I've been telling everyone, even my non-pet owning friends and family. Thank you, Embrace!

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Wellness visit/vaccination
Claim Amount
$100 - $500


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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