Burn your money before spending it with Embrace!

Out of 10

Embrace insurance is an absolute waste of money, you would be better off spending your money on anything than giving it to them. They seem to find a way to SCREW you nearly every time you file a claim. I will give some specific instances for you.....
-I was told that because my dog had been taken to the vet in the past with one of his symptoms at the time being vomiting.....This was considered a pre-existing condition. If you have puked in the last year from food poison or the flu-would you consider that pre-existing?

-After calling and speaking to one of the reps on the phone about rehab for my dog, I was told under the terms of my policy that this should be covered. So I went and got him the treatment and then it was denied payment because in his chart it mentions that we had spoken about keeping his weight down as he got older so his legs would be better (he's got bad front legs) It never said he was overweight, as I have copies of the records.

-When I moved from one apt to another, my premium was raised due to higher costs of treatment at my new place, but........I MOVED 5 BLOCKS AWAY & IN THE SAME EXACT ZIP CODE! WITH THE SAME VET AS WELL!

-I was told that my claims were not covered because I submitted them past 60 days since the visits. However, in the terms of my policy it clearly says that for any charges under $50 you can submit those claims with a larger claim or at the end of the policy year.

-Also, their response time is horrible. I've even be

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Several different over the policy year
Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Shih Tzu

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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