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We've been with Embrace since 2009.Our little Doxie Zuzu wouldn't want any other pet insurance company (neither would her human-companions) helping her to remain healthy and happy.
Having a Vet you know, trust, and use for your pet's primary health needs is essential. Having a pet insurance company that truly understands this and sticks with you every step of the way is the next most important thing; Embrace does just that.

Luckilly for Zuzu, she hasn't had any relapses in her health since a benign mass was discovered in her spleen two years ago and needed to be surgically removed. Embrace, despite our being very new to their insurance, didn't hesitate to review her case and cover the costs at close to 90%. While we would have paid out the money to Zuzu's vet in a heartbeat (because we can't attach a price tag to our love for her), it was a couple thousand of dollars!!! Embrace made sure we could focus on Zuzu's well-being and recovery, not on our bills and finances. That was huge relief and very appreciated.

Today, we continue to get Zuzu her routine annual wellness check-ups and keep her up to date on heartworm testing and vaccinations. Embrace's wellness plan covers a maximum of 200$ annually per policy period for this type of health maintenance. That's a tremendous relief on our wallets, and we have the peace of mind that Zuzu is being taken care of as best as possible. If you're shopping around for first-time pet-health insurance or perhaps you're cons

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wellness check-up
Claim Amount
$100 - $500


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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