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To make a VERY LONG story short... after "spots" were discovered on my cat's lungs, a test came back from the lab with the diagnosis of "possible Lymphoma."
I took Francis (my cat) to the oncologist vet, and going off the same report and xrays, gave me some grim news. Francis may have a year to live... if that... He seconded my vet's opinion - give him steroids and love and take it a day at a time.

After some months of giving him the steroids slow down the progression, it seemed that it might be time to get more aggressive with the disease – or put him mercifully to sleep. But before I could make a truly informed choice of what to do, in good conscious, I HAD to find out exactly what kind of cancer we were dealing with, if there was any hope - and if putting him to sleep would be the right decision.

The only catch was, the required tests were VERY expensive, but I said to myself, "this is why I have insurance for him, right?"

Well... when the more expensive and extensive test results came back, it was discovered that the initial lab report was WRONG! Yes, Francis had spots on his lungs, but they were from a lung infection - NOT Lymphoma.

I was upset that, because of a dodgy lab report, my poor little cat had to suffer with a treatable illness for almost a year - but I was also relieved that the illness was curable with a month of antibiotics.

I can imagine that many pet owners in a similar predicament might choose to simply euthanize their pet,

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