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I have had VPI for close to 10 years. My first policy was for Jake, a wonderful Airedale, who has crossed the rainbow bridge about 4 years ago. When Jake was only 6 1/2 he tried to get up one morning and couldn't stand on his back legs. He had been so healthy I was completely caught off guard. His primary care vet checked him over & referred us to the UGA Vet Clinic. Unfortunately, the news was devasting. After all the tests were done the diagnosis was terminal cancer which had advanced to several organs and I had to make the terrible decision to have him put down. I had spent well over $2,000 on just the visit to UGA for 4 days of tests & exams. The only ray of sunshine in that entire ordeal was Jake's VPI insurance. I was reimbursed almost every penny I spent which certainly helped the monetary burdeon of losing a very loved member of the family. Gus is my side kick now, of course - another Airedale who is quite the prankster. Gus and I are a Therapy Dog Team and Gus gets to meet a lot of different people, his favorites are always the children! Gus is my sole companion and I rest easy knowing that if I ever need VPI for a serious injury, sickness, or disease that they will be there to help take care of my best friend!

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several claims from well care to terminal illness
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Airedale Terrier

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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