Good to have protection when you need it most.

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We rescued a Schnauzer that had heartworms and came with an insurance plan free for one year. Since we were not sure if there would be any residual effects from the heartworms on his heart or any other problems, we kept the insurance after that one year however it did not cover any preventative so we decided to switch to ASPCA which does cover preventative. We have been blessed to have very few problems with our dog however the preventative is such a big part of his care and expense. We are glad we have the coverage. With my last dog, who was 12, we had over four thousand dollars in expenses the last 3 months of her life and we did not have insurance. Many companies will not insure older dogs and this one does, although you do pay more it is a benefit we think is reasonable once a pet becomes older. We thought about setting up a pet savings account but just felt that the insurance would be a better option due to all the unknowns. While it can be expensive, it does allow peace of mind and ASPCA has always treated us fairly and given us good options for coverage.

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Claim Amount
$100 - $500


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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