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My cat pepper developed crystals in his urinary tract this past April 2011, which resulted in his inablitity to use his litter box and form blood in his urine. We took him to his veternarian who diagnosed the condition and then proceeded to treat him. Right away the first set of charges we were charded was i/a/o 2,221.06, and then we had to bring him back for further tests which amounted to 1,201.50 bringing our total costs to 3,422.56. Fortunately, pepper made a full recovery from his illness and is back to all his crazy antics. I submitted my claim to ASPCA and received a check i/a/o 1,739.58 under his insurance coverage. We were so grateful to have ASPCA Pet Insurance which helped pay for most of the vet bills. There was some delay in the claim process that required me having to make several calls and resubmissions of all my documentation, however the overall experience was great. The representatives on the phone were very courteious and professional. Being the first time that I had to use my insurance coverage for pepper I would say "50% Coverage for 100% Satisfaction."

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Blockage of the Urinary Tract
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Domestic Shorthair

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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