VPI gives me peace of mind.

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We have insured our dogs with VPI for over 20 years. We learned the hard way. We had a female Airedale Terrier with a serious health condition. She was not insured and we spent thousands of dollars to save her. She lived for 13 years and we cherished her, and we have insured all of the dogs we have had since. Most of the claims we have had have just been for incidental minor illnesses and injuries. They were handled quickly and VPI's customer service was friendly, efficient and compassionate. However, we recently lost the most special Airedale we have ever known. Just a few months before Arlos's 10th birthday, he presented unusual symptoms. Our local vet was stymied and referred us to a specialist. Many tests and thousands of dollars later, we learned that Arlo had an inoperable tumor in the center of his brain. Our VPI insurance did not save our boy's life, but the benefits helped ease the financial burden of his vet bills. The customer service people were wonderful and cried right along with us. We now have two puppies and we insured them immediately. Our newest Airedale likes to eat things first and ask questions later. We have already submitted claims to VPI for this character. I won't ever have a pet without pet insurance. Thank you VPI for being there!!

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Claim Amount
Over $1000

Airedale Terrier

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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