VPI - Very Poor Insurance

Out of 10

These guys rarely cover anything. They are horrible. I have been paying premiums for their top product plus the cancer rider for years and never used the insurance. My dog gets cancer and the one cancer he gets is the one they don't cover. They claim that they had disclosed this on the policy, and probably did, but cancer is cancer. We don't have the luxury of choosing which cancer our dogs get, it is cancer! Very disappointing and slimy! I have two dogs and their insurance renewals are within 2 weeks of each other. When I was purchasing the preventative coverage (by the way think long and hard if you want this coverage, because it generally doesn't pay off). I took both dogs in for their annual checkup and one of the dogs was a few days early. They no way, no how would cover the vet visit even though I already renewed the policy. Utter BS! This company is nothing but a bunch of crooks, much like the healthcare insurance companies for people. I for one am all about making a buck, but I also believe in doing the right thing. There wasn't anything that I expected out of this company that was a stretch for them to cover. IMO you are better off without insurance than going with this greedy company. Peace

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Claim Amount
Over $1000

Golden Retriever

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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