Funds are not a factor in an emergency!

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Emmitt, our 15 month old Bulldog began vomiting on a Sunday night six weeks ago. He calmed down and slept nicely but again continued to vomit Monday after he ate his breakfast. I knew this wasn’t right and took him to the vet for evaluation and x-ray. Dr. Katie found something that looked suspicious in his intestines and said she could try to flush it out but her recommendation was to proceed with emergency exploratory surgery. Whatever she saw made her nervous. Knowing I had VPI in my corner, cost was not an option. Only his health mattered at that moment. I said, “Dr. Katie, I trust your judgment. Do whatever you need to do to make him better.” Dr. Katie proceeded with surgery and her recommendation was spot on. He had 12 inches of cord of 3/4” diameter tangled in his stomach and his intestines! Surgery really had been the only option all along. Although costly, we would have ended up there had we tried conservative (and cheaper) approaches first. Emmitt’s health is now back to normal and our bill has long been paid. We emailed our claim to VPI the morning after surgery and we had reimbursement within 2 ½ weeks! We have also gotten rid of anything in the house that looks like rope - even toys. Emmitt’s blockage was from a curtain tie-back cord in our kitchen. We didn’t like it so I thought my husband threw it away and he thought I threw it away. It turns out Emmitt got rid of it for us! Unexpected, emergency situations like these arise no matter how muc

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Claim Amount
$500 - $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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