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On 10/19/10 I went to my appointment at Banfield The Pet Hospital at 12836 Citrus Park Drive Tampa, Florida 33625 I wanted to give my newly adopted kitten, Simba a physical exam and I had concerns about her scratching her ear, her stool was loose, and she was coughing and sneezing when I got her but lately she sneezes only once in a while. I was interested in the Wellness Plan from the brochures it looked like a good deal. I wanted to join the wellness Plan first when I arrived but the clerk at the desk stated that I could join after the visit. I arrived at my visit at 4PM . They weighed Simba and then proceeded to take me to a room and stated that the doctor would arrive soon. The doctor took maybe 30 minutes to arrive. I stated to him that it must be busy. He did a quick full exam on Simba that lasted approximately 3 minutes. He then said he would return to take a stool sample. He returned approximately 30 minutes later and took a sample from Simba's behind. He stated he needed to examine this. So he went outside with the stool sample and returned maybe 20 minutes later telling me the stool was negative. He then took an ear swab and told me he would return after examination on his telescope. I waited another 20 minutes and thought I heard him talking to another client. He returned and told me the exam was negative and thatthe ear mites could still be there and he could flush it out himself or I could do it. I choose to do it not realizing of cou

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Ear Problem


coughing and sneezing
Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
Under a year

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