Grateful for ASCPA Health Insurance for my dog

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My dog was diagnosed with bone cancer early in Feb. Since it is a fast acting cancer I had to make quick decisions regarding her treatment. It was very helpful to me knowing that I had health insurance for her so while I had to consider the financial implications I knew that I had some protection for her. This allowed me to think more about the treatment than the cost. Once she had her surgery - she had to have her front right paw amputated - she had a difficult recovery at first. Many of her original expenses and extra expenses were covered. This was a great deal of help to me financially not to mention peace of mind. I was able to choose her treatment based upon what I thought was best for her. I'm happy to say that today 3 1/2 months later she is doing well, in good spirits and no sign of the cancer coming back. We hope things stay that way. I should also mention that I didn't purchase this insurance until she was almost 11 years old. I don't recommend that but I was surprised that I was able to get her coverage at that advanced age. My claims were processed quickly and any time I've spoken to a customer support person they have been very kind and helpful. I have recommended to all my friends who are pet owners that they should seriously consider purchasing pet insurance.

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bone cancer
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Over $1000

Golden Retriever

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Over 8 years

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