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When our puppy, Trixie, a beagle-bulldog mix, started vomiting each morning and intermittently throughout the day, we worried that she might have eaten something poisonous. Our vet was able to rule that out with a blood test, but she feared a blockage -- Trixie has a history of "dietary indiscretions," (her beagle half just loves to chew on twigs and leaves). An X-ray was inconclusive because our dog had already lost so much weight, so we were referred to an animal hospital for an ultrasound. When that showed no mass of leaves or stuffing from a toy, the doctors were able to give her medicine to calm her stomach and also subcutaneous liquids to keep her hydrated.
It took a week of medicine and a bland food diet, but Trixie recovered and started to put weight back on. The bills totalled $1400 but Trupanion reimbursed us for nearly $900. It was a huge comfort to have pet health insurance when the puppy that we've come to love was facing an unknown illness.

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