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I recently submitted an $800+ claim for my dog's treatment over the course of a couple of months. She saw the same vet multiple times for an eye infection, an ear infection, mange and weight loss. I discovered on checking the policyholder portal today that they have denied the entire claim. That's correct, they are not reimbursing me even one penny! The reason, and I quote, "This expense is denied because the diagnostic tests or treatments performed are for the progression of, or complications of, conditions excluded or limited by the policy". Since when are simple infections excluded or limited by my policy! This is the second time I have been totally messed with by VPI. The only good thing I can say about them is at least they were quicker this time. Last claim I submitted, they took more than two months just to send me a letter requesting further information. During the entire time I have had this policy, the company has generally done everything possible to delay and deny reimbursing my legitimate claims. It's not because my dogs are old and suffering from pre-existing conditions either, I got the dogs and their policies when they were puppies. To anyone out there considering pet insurance, I urge you to go with another company. Only buy VPI Insurance if you want to spend months waiting for reimbursement, which is paltry at best, and at worst is denied altogether because of their ridiculous fine print. Needless to say, I did not renew my policy at the end of

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Posted: 07/01/2010

Oh my, we recently lost beloved Abby, she died of a condition related to an internal organ defect most likely from inbreeding. We lost her sister Heidi 18 months ago, exact same symptoms, exact same death. Regardless of the efforts, the emergent vet hospitalizations, and expert Vet care they could not be saved. With our hearts in the hands of the Vet, we would have done anything, paid whatever they asked, just to save them. I understand your frustration. We have recently purchased VPI insurance for our new baby pooch. I will read and re-read my policy when it arrives. Thank You for your honesty.