Paid for itself in one year

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Last year after donating to the ASPCA I received information regarding their pet insurance and decided that it was finally time to sign up my two cats. They were both healthy at the time but one was getting older and I figured I'd rather have it and not need it. About six months later my cat was diagnosed with diabetes and the costs associated were pretty expensive but the pet insurance kicked right in, submitting claims was incredibly easy, and, if need be, you can get someone on the phone to help very quickly and they are very pleasant and helpful.
I opted for a primary plan with continuing care for the one cat and it has already paid for itself several times over. They pay a good percentage of the actual cost, incuding medications, and you receive a check pretty quickly once you submit the claim. I had one charge that they declined to cover- I called and explained that the charge was related to the cat's diabetes, resubmitted the claim and received payment within a couple weeks. I really couldnt recommend this pet insurance enough!

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