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I got my dog on Embrace's policy when she was really young, I think less than 1 yr old. So, there weren't too many things wrong with her, and I expected a policy with zero pre-existing conditions! However, like literally a day or two before I finalized the policy purchase, she fractured her tooth, and that went on the policy as a pre-existing condition. She also got noted to have two temp ones and another permanent one, which I was surprised to see, but ultimately did not appeal because I felt they were reasonable (two temps were for ear infection and diarrhea, perm was adverse reaction to sutures, she had some issues following her spay). If you're reading this and considering pet insurance, the best advice I can give you is to get it as early as possible. Despite her few pre-existing conditions, my dog ended up needed ACL surgery on her right rear knee, costing us $4000. Embrace covered it all, and we only ended up paying about $400 out of pocket since we used up most of her deductible by then. This one surgery "paid" for like 3 years of coverage from Embrace, and we're expecting that she'll likely need surgery again for her other knee. Be mindful that the longer you wait, the most issues may pop up and end up on the pre-existing conditions list, and after that those issues, and I think issues that stem from those conditions, will never be covered again. The only thing I wish I did different was get Embrace for my dog as soon as I got her at 8 weeks.

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