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I adopt only rescued dogs, which is how I came to be owned by Scout, an Aussie/blue heeler/Rotti mix. She was badly abused, tail cut off and beat up, but I took her in when she was 4 months old. At 10 months she had bone chips in her elbows ($2500 surgery) in 2008 she tore her ACL and had a TPLO ($3800), 4 months later the plate made her lame, so I had to pay $400 to take the plate out and water therapy for three months at ($53.00 a visit, once a week). Last fall 2009, the other knee went, so she had another knee surgery ($3800). All of this was out of pocket and Scout isn't even 5 years old yet! Summer of 2009 we rescued a German Shepherd and I looked into pet insurance, researched it and selected Pet Plan, going with the bronze $200 deductable and 20% co-pay. I decided to get the same insurance for Scout, knowing it wouldn't cover her elbows or knees, but what if she was hit by a car? I'm still paying off her last knee surgery. Scout started limping in February, I took her to the vet, turns out she needed a hip replacement from the abuse she sustained as a puppy. The surgery could be up to $5500. I did the paperwork for prior-apporval and pet plan paid 70% minus the $200 deductable (it's a 30% co-pay if you go to a specialist). Four days after surgery somehow she broke the leg that the implant was in! Another surgery $2400, but it was part of the hip replacement and pet plan paid 70%. Scout is healing up, my brother now has pet plan insurance on his dog and my sister is wa

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