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When we rescued Louie he had seizure disorder. The pet insurance company I had at the time for my other dog, Derby, would not insure him so I searched for a plan that would. I am so blessed to have found Pet Plan! Louie was a mixed breed rescue who developed multiple medical conditions. He was hospitalized for aspiration pneumonia and it was determined he had megaeosphagus. I was so impressed with PetPlan I immediately switched my other dog, Derby, to a Pet Plan policy. Over the course of 2 years Louie was in and out of the hospital.PetPlan was always there for us. They were supportive and prompt in all of the payments. We were able to provide the best medical care possible for Louie when we needed it the most. Sadly, Louie had to be euthanized last May. PetPlan's response was kind and compassionate. They sent a sympathy card with Forget Me Not flower seeds to plant in Louie's memory. We were touched. The thing I like the most about PetPlan that I didn't have with my previous insurance is PetPlan will cover recurrent medical conditions for the course of the pet's life. In addition, the claims are prompt and the customer service staff exceptional should you have any questions ( real people answer your phone calls!!! )We just adopted a new dog and the first thing I did was take out a policy from PetPlan! With the advancement of veterinary medicine it is imperative to have our pets insured so they can receive the best medical care available. PetPlan is exceptional and unsur

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aspiration pneumonia
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Over $1000

Mixed Breed

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1 - 8

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