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Some weeks ago, we received a personal letter from Dennis Drent, CEO of VPI Pet Insurance expressing his support and encouragement to us. And to top it off, he also made a donation to the Animal Cancer Foundation in our dog's name. We were dazzled....because you see, a few months ago Zita, our 6 year old Bouvier Des Flanders, was diagnosed with mast cell tumor of her left rear paw. Surgery and radiation treatments for 17 consecutive days caused bills to mount over four thousand dollars. Although cost didn't really matter, we were comforted knowing Zita had VPI Pet Insurance. We submitted the bills and lo and behold, once again, amazed with the speed in VPI's response. Within 2 weeks we received close to 85% of the expense back from VPI. It confirmed the smart decision we made in insuring her from puppyhood with a premier plan and cancer rider. Zita is doing very well, on chemotherapy now because of some suspicious cells in a lymph node. You wouldn't know she was being treated. Her life is normal, happy and she frolics daily with her Old English Sheepdog brother, Nigel…another VPI member from birth! You know, after we submitted those huge bills, and saw this personal note in our mailbox we thought for sure Zita's insurance was being cancelled. Instead, it was one of the nicest gestures from a corporate CEO we have ever seen. We told this story numerous times to friends. And we want you to know that we feel so good about being a part of the VPI Pet Insurance family.

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Claim Amount
Over $1000

Bouvier Des Flandres

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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