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My experience with VPI has been a nightmare! I did my homework and chose VPI over a few other insurance companies I was considering. I decided to go with VPI because they said they would not consider my cat’s knack for eating carpet fibers a “preexisting condition.” With the advice from my vet, I asked all the necessary questions about what would be covered if I had to take my cat in again because of a “foreign body ingestion.” Multiple VPI phone representatives assured me that as long as I wasn’t trying to retroactively collect money from claims relating to her last visit for a foreign body ingestion (before I insured her with VPI), they would not consider this a preexisting condition. I gave consent to VPI to contact my vet and ask for my cat’s medical records. After reviewing her records, they decided to insure her. A few months later, I had to take her in for eating more carpet fiber. My vet prepared all the paperwork and sent in the claim on my behalf. VPI denied her claim because of her “preexisting condition.” Understandably, I was upset and called VPI. They said, after reviewing her records a second time, they decided to classify her knack for eating carpet a preexisting condition. I told them they tricked me into getting her insured with them and that I was going to take her off the plan as soon as I could. The very next day, I came home to find a letter saying they were dropping her from the plan because I defrauded them! Basically, they overnighted th

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foreign body ingestion
Claim Amount
$100 - $500

American Longhair

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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