Choosing Pet Plan was a great decision.

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When I adopted my dog at 14 weeks, her Vet suggested I get pet insurance right away. I did some investigating and chose Pet Plan. Maycee is a 1.5 years old now and we have had 3 claims with Pet Plan. The most recent claim was when Maycee was diagnosed with gastroenteritis that I thought might have been caused by eating some rotting mushrooms that I had seen in my backyard. Maycee's symptoms were sudden and severe, with the added concern that she might have eaten mushrooms so I took her to the emergency Vet. After two days of IVs, rest, lab tests to check for liver damage, followed by a bland diet, Maycee was back to normal with no lasting effects. Pet Plan let me know when they had received my claim, it is easy to check the status on line, and I was reimbursed promptly. The response from Pet Plan makes me feel that they are caring for us personally. Great decision!

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Claim Amount
Over $1000

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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