VPI is a Waste of Your Money

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duct Rating: 0 Pros: none Cons: Inflexible, unreasonable, not covering necessary procedures you would expect. Undeserving of your business. The Bottom Line: Do not us VPI Pet Insurance. There are many choices out there. You deserve a company that covers you when you need them, not one that only covers themselves! aerospin's Full Review: Veterinary Pet Insurance When we bought our dog 5 years ago, we also bought a medical insurance policy just to protect ourselves in case there was ever a real problem. Less important would be well care coverage... The really important coverage would be for when there is either an accident, or a necessary surgery that is prohibitively expensive.Well, a few months ago, our dog did need surgery to remove possibly cancerous abscesses on his anal glands. After calling the insurance company for a pre-certification to ensure we would be covered for the 3,000 dollar surgery, they informed me that they don't offer pre-certification, and that I would just have to do the surgery, and submit it afterwards. They were not even interested in discussing if I might be covered or not, and didn't offer any information on the fact that anal surgery was not covered, even though this was the area I referred to when asking them about my coverage.Now that the surgery is done, they are covering the usual 162.10 for what they loosely define as an "abscess", which as we all know, could just as easily be a pimple! They are inflexible, and unreasonable.

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growths on anal glands, removal to avoid cancer possibility
Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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