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Last year my sweet adopted dog,Spot became very I'll. She had a severe kidney infection that required much medical attention. I was trying to work and take care of Spot-every pay check was going towards her health care and as I saved the bills to hopefully be reimbursed for a portion of her care I didn't have time to send in her claims. As soon as Spot finished a six week round of antibiotics the vet told me she had another infection. This went on for six months. One night when I arrived home from work Spot seemed unusually energetic. I thought wow this is great -she was racing around full of energy and I thought finally she is feeling better than ever. Unfortunately when I went into another room I saw a few left over crumbs that had been part of a very rich chocolate birthday cake. I called an emergency care clinic and described her symptoms and needless to say she spent the night receiving more care. Meanwhile she continued to get reoccurring bladder and kidney infections and was sent to a specialists-more tests-and I was really worried about Spot and of course it was getting out of hand financially. I was out of my home state at the time and after finishing up my seasonal job I returned home and consulted my vet who consulted all the vets that had taken care of Spot. A plan was put in place to give her antibiotics the first five days of each month and I am very happy to say that she is once again healthy and back to her energetic self. When I arrived home I put all her med

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