Denying coverage for a non pre-existing condition!

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Hi everyone,
I just wanted to share my experience with you. I have an 11.5 month old puppy. We took our baby to the vet for a checkup the very first day we received him at 3 months. Our vet indicated mild crepitus. We took him back to the vet at 7 month for his ortho-wavier where the vet indicated that there are no orthopedic issues, no stiffness or lameness etc. At 11 months, our puppy started limping. We took him into the vet's office where he was diagnosis with elbow dysplasia. As parents, we rushed him into surgery the following business day. We notified Embrace of the situation. They indicated that they would not provide coverage or reimburse any claims related to his elbow dysplasia indicating that this is a pre-existing condition based on mild crepitus. We have asked for scientific evidence that mild crepitus is related to elbow dysplasia. They have not been able to do so. In addition, our vet wrote a letter indicating that the two are NOT related and that the mild crepitus was due to the fact that he is a large breed puppy with bones that were still growing. We also had another vet who performed the surgery contact Embrace and also advise them that these two conditions are not related!!! Despite the fact that these two vets are unrelated and that both advised Embrace that mild crepitus does NOT equal and is NOT a precondition to elbow dysplasia, we still received an email from Embrace’s CEO stating "Under the Terms and Conditions of your policy (see

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