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Our experience with Trupanion has been amazing. My beloved 2-year old black lab, Ruger, was admitted to the hospital with pneumonia. After further exam, the vet found a large mass in his abdominal cavity. Ruger needed immediate surgery, which lasted 2.5 hrs. The vet found 3 different fox tails that had made their way through Ruger's esophagus and into his abdominal cavity. He also had part of a lung removed. Fox tails are HORRIBLE!!! And, with a hunting dog, how do you avoid them?? 3 weeks after surgery Ruger started to have complications, and 5 weeks from surgery there was nothing more that the vets at our hospital could do for him. We had to say goodbye to Ruger. I want to thak Trupanion for giving Ruger that extra month to be with us and to give him a fighting chance. Otherwise, we would never have been able to afford the hospital bills,, which, by the way, have totaled over $15,000!! Thank you Trupanion for all you did. And, we now have a new black lab make puppy that is Ruger's brother, and yes, he too will be insured by Trupanion!

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Fox Tails-Bloat
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Labrador Retriever

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