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I have a little pomeranian puppy who has an open fontanel. The Trupanion representative said that it didnt matter and that he would be covered by the pet insurance. He also developed bronchitus a few days after signing up for the insurance. The doctors original checkup notes stated that his eyes were watery. My little pomeranian started having siezures a few weeks later and has required a trip to the neurologist and a prescription of phenbarbital. Last week I submitted my claims to trupanion. The ones for the siezures and the ones for the bronchitus checkups. They will not cover any of the bills. They claim now that an open fontanel is a pre-condition for siezures and the watery eyes noted by the doctor indicated that bronchitus was develping and therefore also fell under the pre-existing condition category. They did however want to reimburse me for coccidia medication, even though their contract specificly states that they do not cover parasitic infectons. Im up to $2k in vet bills and up until this point had been sleeping a little easier thinking trupanion had me covered. But all they want to help me with is a $12 deworming medication after paying them $50 a month for coverage. My advice is DO NOT BOTHER WITH THEM! They are all about the business(playing lawyer) and have little interest in providing excellence in customer service to their policy holders.

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Posted: 05/02/2011

Hi Andrew,
To better clarify for you, we were not able to extend coverage for Ewok’s seizure activity or respiratory infection as symptoms were noted in your pets medical records prior to your activation of your coverage with us. Unfortunately, we do have guidelines to follow when reviewing claims, and in your case, the seizures had already started and symptoms for a respiratory issue were present, which included watery eyes with congestion sounds found in lungs, which are consistent with the conditions that were being claimed for. When present symptoms for which you are claiming are consistent to the conditions present prior to starting coverage, it makes the conditions pre-existing and not eligible for reimbursement.

To address your parasite concern, our policy indicates that we excludes coverage for “parasite control including but not limited to internal and external parasites for which readily available prophylactic treatments are available;”. There are no regular prophylactic treatments for coccidia which is the reason you were able to receive coverage for the medication. Andrew, I understand the frustration you have with your first claims experience with Trupanion, and I encourage you to give your claims adjuster a call if you’d like to further discuss the outcome of your claim so that we can help ensure that your next claims experience is a positive one. 800-569-7913