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Treasure, my 12 month old Akita bitch, is given a complete 'head to toe' on the grooming table every weekend, even though she has 3-4 brushings during the week. While brushing her out on this particular Sunday in January, I noticed her fur coming out in clumps.Needless to say, I went over her body top to bottom, and found small red spots on her abdomen, inside of the hind legs, and in the creases where her front legs meet her body. She is on a flea preventative, but I looked for those little buggers, too No fleas. By that evening she was licking her paws constantly. The next morning we made an appt. with our vet, and he diagnosed it as dermatitis and a possible staph infection. Keflex was prescribed, but at the end of 2 weeks, there was no change. The antibiotic, Clyndamycin was perscribed for another 2-3 weeks with some inprovement. Two weeks after stopping the meds, The red spots came back, and the whole scenario began again. Our vet sent us to a veterinarian that specializes in dermatology. She examined Treasure,and said that it could be an environmental allergy, or an allergy to a specific food.She did a skin scraping for a culture to determine what antibiotic would kill the infection. The results came back showing it to be a staph infection, and doxicycline was presribed for 3 weeks. Our recheck is in 2 weeks. If Treasure is progressing well, we will continue the meds for another 2 weeks, and if after that course of meds is complete, she has the same symptoms again, we w

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