Caesar II ( GSD)

Out of 10

I had this coverage on my GDS, Caesar II, four years. The renewal premiums always seemed reasonable, until the 15% increase last year. As I realize there would be increase, this was considered more than usual.I purchased this premium for peace of mind. If there was an accident, I knew that at least some portion of my expenses would be recovered. I submitted several claims over the years,and felt that the reimbursement rates were fair. Except for the initial charge for the doctor encounter If I could suggest a change to the coverage, I would re-evalute the geographical findings, as $39.00 is an impractical amount in the year 2011. In speaking with my vet, she very much agrees. I have had some positive experience with the coverage, and would purchase it again.

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Skin problem

Claim Amount
$100 - $500

German Shepherd

Age of Pet
Under a year

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