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After many years of pet ownership and numerous costly veterinary expenses we decided last year upon adopting two rescue dogs to give pet insurance a try.

One of the dogs came with a 30 day coverage period with Petsecure as part of the adoption agreement.

I did call another company for a quote but in the end enrolled both dogs with Petsecure, both under the top of the line coverage, Secure 4 plan.

What an absolute joke.

Over the last year I have found out that this company’s favourite tactic is simply to deny everything you call about.

Expenses incurred for behavioural issues.

Expenses incurred for veterinary chiropractic services.

Purchased medication (K9 Advantix II) from Petsmart.

In the 13 months that we’ve had the policy we have paid Petsecure nearly $3800.

I feel completely foolish for having fallen for such a fraudulent rip off.

An expensive lesson for sure, but I will never think about buying pet insurance again. Obviously the wise and prudent thing to do is to take the monthly premium amount (ours is now over $310) and put it aside in a TFSA for use in veterinary emergencies.

I strongly recommend to other pet owners considering getting pet insurance to think very carefully first and to remember these people do not have your best interests in mind or the best interest and welfare of your beloved pets.

Their only interest is in making money for themselves.

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