No Longer a 3-legged Beagle!

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When my six year old beagle refused to walk on his left hind leg, The x-ray showed a torn ACL. The only fix was surgery. It was great to say, "Let's do it" without the next thought being, "How will I pay for it." The surgery cost $1400, and VPI paid $1100 of the bill. The turn around time for payment was about 10 days. I am pleased with the service from VPI.

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Posted: 06/11/2010

Wow, the same thing happened to us and the total cost of the surgery and care was $3300.00. VPI paid NOTHING because it happened within the first 12 months of our policy. ACL is on there declarations page as the one thing they will not pay for within the first 12 months. So zip, nada from them.