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I have Pets Best for 2 years and have mostly been satisfied with the coverage. I have 3 pets insured with Pets Best. On two occasions I have had to be persistent to receive coverage, but after clarifying the issues and supplying further information from my veterinarian they did pay the claims. They no longer offer the option to lock in your pets age until age 7, which they had previously offered. Upon renewal of my policy that option was no longer available. Aetna now underwrites Pets Best and since that change I have been unable to determine the extent of my benefits. When I contacted Pets Best by phone to find out if a surgery for my dog was a part of my covered benefits I was unable to receive an answer. Their response was that I would need to submit a completed claim for review to determine coverage. Although I realize that they cannot guarantee coverage in advance, I would like to know what my benefits are. According the representative that I spoke with, that info is not available until after the fact. Seems that some of the guidelines have become fuzzy since the change to Aetna and I would like to see more straightforward disclosure of information on my policy. There also seems to be some question regarding grandfathering my coverage after the change to Aetna, which affects coverage on some conditions. All in all, Pets Best has been a much better company than some of the others I tried in the past. Friendly customer service, but at the moment I have unanswered questions.

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Posted: 04/30/2010

I've had similar responses from pet insurers. Company response to the result for this specific client, ie. resolution, will weigh heavily in my purchase for multiple pets. 916.942.9406