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My experience with Embrace has been 50/50, positive and negative. I obtained Embrace immediately after I adopted my dog, and chose the company due to good reviews. However, upon our first emergancy visit to the vet, we were denied coverage. I had been to a vet for my dog's initial check up, of whom cleared him for his orthopedic waiver, and prescribed an antihistamine for his sneezing/gagging. That same evening, it got worse, and sounded like a honking soun. I took him to the 24-hour emergancy vet, and he was diagnosed with kennel cough. Well, interestingly enough, in the doctor's notes (at both vets) when they asked me when the symptoms began, I honestly replied "a couple of days ago". Well, when I filed my claim with Embrace for both vet visits, they were denied. Reason being that the symptoms had begun before my 14-day grace period was up. Nevermind that my 14 day grace period had expired before I took to him to either of the vet facilities. To make matters worse, the vet at the 24-hour hospital wrote in a comment about a luxating patella, which forfieted my orthopedic waiver.
When I challenged Embrace on this, they were horrible. They told me in order to get the orthopedic waiver corrected I needed to go to an orthopedic specialist to have him evaluated (another cost). In terms of the kennel cough, the Embrace representative sent me a link to a website highlighting kennel cough and how to avoid it! As if this is what they base thier claim decisions on!

I find Embrace to be a business operating in bad faith. Even though I recently submitted a claim that was accepted, I believe it is only time before they deny something else based on some small detail. Now, of course I am stuck with them, as if I were to leave and find another company I suspect we would be told that there are pre-existing conditions that won't be covered.

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Posted: 05/20/2010

What happened to you sucks. However, here is an excellent reason they count from the day the dog/cat started showing symptoms rather than when the dog/cat first visited the vet, though. It's just not something that would occur to most of us. Say Bob has a 14 day waiting period and his dog starts vomiting on day 10. He decides he'll wait until day 14, so that the vet visit will be covered and that whatever his dog has can't be labeled a pre-existing condition. Beyond that just being wrong, it's bad business for the insurance company, because it turns out that his waiting those extra days to get the dog to the vet made the condition much more serious and much more expensive to treat. Obviously that's not what happened in your case, but that would be so hard for them to determine on a case by case basis. Like I said, they have a good reason for it, it's just not something that would occur to most people unless you have experience rescuing neglected and abused animals.