Got denied claim overturned on appeal!

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I submitted my first claim on my dog in October '09 for surgery to remove two masses that turned out to be non-malignant lipomas. She had never had surgery before. Never had any masses. When I was notified that my claim was being denied because "masses" was a pre-existing condition I was floored - and furious. I had no idea what they were talking about. Then I found out a fragment of a remark made by my vet in my dog's record 8 months earlier (that was partially covered by a photocopy of a prescription), was taken out of context and the claim was denied based on that. My vet was as angry as I was! She wrote a letter to Embrace to appeal the denial. To their credit, I must say, they were very fair in reopening my dog's case and I received an email today from the Head Underwriter of Lloyds of London telling me that she agreed with my vet and I that the claim was wrongly denied. They paid the claim. I am going to keep my insurance with Embrace only because of this. They have proven they will do the right thing, but you - the policy holder - have to stand up for yourself (and your pet!) and fight for it!

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Posted: 03/18/2010

Thank you for your honest review Tammy. We can only go by what we see from the veterinarian so if we get it wrong, we are more than happy to relook at it with new information. Thanks!