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In July of 2007 we were fortunate enough to meet the new love of our lives; Cooper, a 8 week old Golden Retriever puppy. We were told when we purchased this little fellow that pure Goldens sometimes have issues and it would be in our best interest to purchase Dog Insurance. After doing alittle research we settled on Vetinsurance (Canada) / Trupaion (U.S.A.). As it turns out this may have been the best thing we could have ever done; you see cooper got very, very sick at 7 months old and we thought we would surely lose what had become our best friend. At the time your pet is sick you never think of the money or time that you spend but as we all know when the crisis is over which ever way it turns out there is always the cost to contend with. Hopefully the cost is only finacial.....well I am happy to say the finacial aspect was the only cost and by the time we had spoken with Vetinsurance we knew that was not much of a cost at all. Our medical bills were just over $1,200.00 Dollars and Vetinsurance reinbursed us for over $1,100.00 dollars. It was a very difficult time for our family as it would be for anyone but our story turned out great and that was in no small part to Vetinsurance / Trupaion. I would highly recomend this company to anyone looking for Pet Insurance. I want everyone who is reading this to understand I have never witten a statement like this before and may never again but please believe me when I say this is honestly some of the best money I have ever spent, and the only reason I do not give this a 10 is because nothing is absolutely perfect, but this is pretty close for an Insurance company.

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Posted: 03/19/2010

I wish you many happy years with Cooper. I have a Golden named Ruby who will be 17 yrs old in June.
April Gentry

Posted: 07/29/2010

Best wishes for your golden! I just lost my almost 11 yr old golden to cancer 2 weeks ago. And I didn't have any pet insurance. I spent over $7000 in a period of 3 months with surgery, chemo, tests, etc., etc.
I will never go without pet insurance again. In fact I'm researching insurance right now for my 1 yr old cat.